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Cheats iOS 8: How to Hide Images and Applications

Cheats iOS 8: How to Hide Images and Applications


Cheats iOS 8: How to Hide Images and Applications

Our mobile devices can be left unattended very easily and if you want hide some of your photos or applications from prying eyes today we recommend an easy method to do it on all devices with iOS such as iPhone and iPad.

Hide a photo on iPhone and iPad

With iOS 8, Apple introduced the possibility of hide photos directly from the gallery with a simple gesture. In fact it will be enough to make a long tap on the photo you want to hide and by magic a menu will appear where you will have two choices, one to copy it and the other to hide it. Once the option to hide has been selected you must confirm and the game is done even if the photo disappears from the views of Moments, Collections and Years, but will continue to be visible in the Album.

If you want to make the photo visible again, go to Album and with a long tap select the "Show" item.

Hide an app on iPhone and iPad

Instead, to hide an app, you must first have Family Sharing activated and once activated this option it will be possible to hide the app directly from the App Store from iPhone and iPad. Now simply open the Buy tab on the App Store and swipe to the left and the Hide button will appear on the right.

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In short, the simple procedure even if it has some limitations. Have you tried?

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