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Cheapcast arrives for Android: and the device becomes like Chromecast

cos' Chromecasts? Many of the uninitiated don't know it: Chromecast the dongle made by Google. This little one device turns each TV into one Smart TV: you have to connect it to the HDMI port and configure it to access the WiFi network, to control the playback of streaming multimedia content directly from a PC, smartphone or tablet, and it costs only $ 35.

In short, if you want to view a movie, a photo, a document available on your tablet, just use Chromecast and you're done. Too bad that, for now, Chromecast is only available for the United States.

cheapcast android

Well, today we have the possibility to transform any Android device, through a simple free app, into a streaming device like Chromecast. The app is called CheapCast, still in beta testing, but it already looks promising. Basically, Cheapcast turns every Android into a device to receive audio and video streams from other devices. In video, created by the developer of the app Sebastian Mauer, it shows a Nexus 4 that sends data to an Android tablet.

At the moment, the app has a rating of 4.5 on Google Play, and everyone seems very satisfied with this new possibility. Obviously there is no shortage of the first problems, which will be corrected as soon as the beta phase is over.

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