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Chat rooms, 3D masks, encrypted calls: this is how ICQ rises

A new look for chat rooms, which also become read-only thematic channels, alongside which the function for the search for new knowledge is back: the messaging app starts from the past

Last November ICQ celebrated its first twenty years of life. The messaging service that existed before all the others returns to office in a renewed guise that treasures its history and relaunches with other functions.

In a post on Medium, Dimitry O. Photo (Dimitry Oleynichenko)explains to the public what the features of the new version of the app are. First of all, registration by phone number, which will allow registered users to immediately see which of their friends use ICQ.

The application, on Android, iOS, macOS and Windows, offers encrypted audio calls and video calls. Clicking once on the handset icon will start the call, while turning the camera the communication will turn into a video call. From that moment it will be possible to choose which camera you prefer (front or not), activate the speakerphone or mute the microphone.

And always from the pastalso come back chat room (rogue nostalgia), thematic rooms to be accessed simply, without having to know the participants. Everyone can create one, just find the title, photo, and assign the role of moderator. They will be called Live Chatsand offer a series of new features: they can be with access or public request and in this case, they will also appear in the catalog (with dedicated tab) proposed by the application. In the "Explore" section you will find from "New Friends" to "Mature Latina Women" to "Music Chat", passing through "Funny pictures".

Live Chats can be started in read-only mode (like Telegram channels, to understand each other), with the administrator's way of writing.

At the same time, it seems that the application team did not want to miss out on anything that competition puts on the plate: stickers, interactive masks to record clips or make video calls with friends. This function created by exploiting the capabilities of Luna, the facial recognition platform developed by the Russian company VisionLabs.

For the transformation of photos and videos, ICQ also provides a system that, using neural networks, allows you to edit photos as if they were painted (at the Prisma). The app provides 37 alternatives for photos and 23 for videos and has integrated the Artisto app to do so. For photographs, the basic editing function is also integrated, without necessarily having to use artistic filters.

For voice messages, the app not only makes sure that when they are read, one after the other, they are read: a voice recognition function that supports 40 languages ??gives the possibility to those who cannot hear them to ask for the transcription. Last but not least, ICQ has the Stories that, Dimitry Oleynichenko points out to Wired, he inaugurated before Instagram.


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