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Charge iPhone faster: here's how

Charge iPhone faster: here's how


How to charge iPhone battery faster. Charge iPhone faster. Tips to charge iPhone faster. Charge iPhone in less time

Here are some tips to top up your iPhone faster

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Charge iPhone quickly: how to recharge the iPhone battery in less time?

Does your iPhone take too long to charge? Does the iPhone battery take too long to fully charge? Slow iPhone charging? Here are some tips to charge the iPhone battery faster.

The guide to charge the iPhone battery in no time within the article!

If you want charge your iPhone battery faster and you don't know how to do it, you are in the right place. Today we explain in a few steps how to recharge your beloved smartphone faster.

In this way you will be ready to leave the house with your smartphone charged and you will not risk being left with the battery discharged at the moment of greatest need.

New iPhones, here's how to recharge them faster | How to charge the iPhone battery faster

If you think that your iPhone takes too long to fully charge the battery, try to implement these tips for charge its battery faster.So here are some of you tips to maximize iPhone charging timesand reduce the time required to fully charge the battery of your smartphone

Charge iPhone faster: use a dedicated charger

Although very convenient, it is not recommended to recharge the iPhone by connecting it to the USB port of the Mac or PC. In this way, in fact, the smartphone charges much more slowly and does not receive the energy necessary for the correct recharging of the battery.

To quickly recharge the iPhone it is always better to connect it to its charger (possibly original).

Charge iPhone faster: use an iPad charger

Contrary to what many of you think, it is possible to charge iPhone with the iPad charger without damaging it and without damaging it (even Apple has confirmed this) .Perhaps you do not know it, but an iPad charger provides 2.1A (12W) against 1A (5W) of the iPhone charger: This means that if you use the iPad charger to charge your iPhone, the battery charges completely faster. To give an example, on average, an iPhone 6 Plus recharges in about 2 hours and 30 minutes using an iPad charger, while it takes 3 hours and 45 minutes using the dedicated one.

If you don't have an iPad charger, you can always buy one directly on Amazon or at the main electronics stores. It's not cheap, true, but at least you can recharge your iPhone much faster.

Charge iPhone faster: use original accessories

To avoid problems, I always recommend using original accessories or Apple certified to recharge your iPhone ONLY. It is always better to use original cables and chargers or at least MFi (made for iPhone) to avoid unpleasant inconvenience and damage to your precious smartphones. Better to spend a few euros more to rest assured, avoid buying "Chinese" accessories and chargers that could irreparably ruin your device. You spent 600-700 euros for uniPhone, are you paying attention to a difference of 10-15 euros on the charger? It's not worth it!

Charge iPhone faster: don't use iPhone while charging

To further reduce iPhone charging times, it is advisable not to use the device while charging.

Charge iPhone faster: Turn iPhone off while charging

Finally, I recommend you to recharge your iPhone by keeping it off or in airplane mode: in this way the charging times of the iPhone battery will go down again.

Tricks to charge your iPhone faster

Well, I would say we are done with the guide that explains how to reduce iPhone battery charging times.

Do you have any other tips for to charge the iPhone battery faster?If yes, leave a comment on the article!

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