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Charge iPad, not all USB ports are created equal

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<p>The full charging screen of the iPad battery</p>
<p style=iPad, pay attention to charging. This is the warning that comes directly from Apple with a technical note that has appeared over the past few hours on the support site. The reading of the document, for now only in English, is highly recommended because the system with which it is possible to energize the batteries of the device is not entirely discounted or, better, only discounted the way in which the batteries are recharged (from a USB port or from the 'power supply included in the package), what should be borne in mind that not always what recharges iPhone, iPod or other devices, also recharges iPad and if it recharges it does not do it at the same speed, due to the internal batteries that are much more capacious than those of other pocket devices.

Apple in the support document explains very clearly that to recharge iPad you must use the integrated 10W power supply or a high power USB port. Not only that, however, the two systems are not completely alternative, but not all doors are high-powered. For example, as some of the first iPad customers have verified, some Windows PCs do not have ports of this type, even older Macs have no high-power USB ports.

What must be done to be sure of recharging the iPad, Apple explains: "The fastest way – reads the support document – using the included adapter. The iPad charges even if more slowly when connected to a high-performance USB port (like those of many recent Mac computers) or with an iPhone adapter. When connected to a standard USB port (that of many older PCs or Macs) the iPad recharges but only if in sleep mode ".

In summary: connected to the power supply, iPad can be used and recharged simultaneously; using a high-performance port, it also charges using it, but slowly. Connected to a standard port it does not charge if used and it loads slowly if in stand by. The computer, Apple adds, must be turned on and running, otherwise the iPad will not recharge.

Apple also adds that if the particularly discharged iPad will show a battery icon with a battery with a red notch and the familiar signal (for those with an iPhone) that indicates that it must be connected to the network.

The suspicion that iPad had particular charging methods had arisen since Friday evening, when iFixIt had discovered that the iPad power supply was precisely high-performance. Subsequently after the release some PC users had found themselves in the condition of not being able to recharge iPad using the port of their laptops, a situation that can now be explained with what Apple has specified.