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Chad2Win: the new application with which the more messages the more you earn

The frontier of messaging on mobile devices in continuous development, the monopoly created in recent years by services such as WhatsApp in serious danger, thanks to the ever increasing number of competitors arriving on various platforms such as WeChat, Line and soon BBMessage. Last of these Chad2Win, an alternative messaging service that allows the user to earn by sending messages to your friends and acquaintances.

A truly alternative messaging service that in addition to allowing the sending of messages for free as is the case for other similar services, gives the user the possibility to earn up to 25 per month thanks to the advertising contained in this service. In addition to this you will earn additional 5% commissions on the monthly earnings of each user who signs up for the service by referring to you as an ambassador.

Messaging and earnings, this is the pairing on which it is based Chad2Win to become one of the most used messaging services in the mobile field, all this will be possible thanks to advertising that will be present in your chats in a non-invasive way. At the end of the month, you can cash out what you have earned directly on your paypal account, by bank transfer or you can decide to donate the amount earned to some foundation.

Chad2Win play store

Chad2Win available for free on the Play Store directly linked to this, usable on all devices with Android 2.3.6 or higher.

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