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CES 2018, take a shower with Alexa and Siri thanks to Moen

CES 2018, take a shower with Alexa and Siri thanks to Moen

At CES 2018 Moen offers the intelligent shower, which is controlled with Alexa and, soon, with Siri. The new system is called U by Moen, and allows you to preheat the water, adjust the temperature, set the timers remotely to start or stop the flow of water using a touchpad or a connected application, directly from the smartphone.

The new U system line has been announced at CES in these hours. Voice control is used, currently only with Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant, through which you can manage your shower almost entirely. It will arrive in March 2018 and, who knows, that support for Siri will be ready by then.

Since these are new features, to be added to previous systems, and not native integration, the user will have to formulate the questions with specific terms, using phrases like Alexa, ask Moen to start the shower, and not Alexa, start the shower. The new ability will allow you to activate presets, set the water temperature, turn off or pause the flow of water.

It is possible to customize the default settings for different users, also through the app, so that each member of the family can start the flow of water with the most desired settings. Once the commands have been started, you will receive a notification as soon as the water at the desired temperature, while it is possible to program the shutdown of the flow after a certain period of time; in this way, the shower itself will turn into a timer.

If it is true that Alexa will also come as an update with previous Moen systems, support for Apple's HomeKit will be available only for the new U by Moen products; HomeKit, in fact, requires a real hardware update, and cannot be integrated into pre-existing Moen systems. The prices of the system vary according to the model chosen, but a basic kit starts from a list price of about 1160 dollars, up to a maximum expense of 2,000 dollars.

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