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CES 2018 news: the most innovative products presented

News Ces 2018

The CES 2018 innovations: the best products presented, from cars to the thinnest laptops in the world, from screens with screen to smart glass

The great show just started and the novit Ces 2018 they cover all areas of technology, from TVs to cars, from notebooks to smart glasses. The big trends are augmented reality and voice assistants, which take on new forms.

New HP Sprourt among the CES 2018 innovations

Among the novelties of the Ces 2018, the Sprout 3D camera also stands out, in practice an accessory that can bring the native 3D to the PCs. HP has put its innovative 3D processing system, Sprout precisely, into a sort of camera that can be added to any PC. First to have access to the 3D features of Sprout you had to have a Sprout PC, but now this innovative technology can arrive on every computer.

News Ces 2018

News Ces 2018: HP Sprout 3D Camera

XYZprinting Da Vinci Nano 3D

Among the news Ces 2018 there is also a 3D printer with an Italian name, inspired by the greatest inventor (and not only) of all times: Da Vinci. Equipped with a mobile app, an emphasis on ease of use and a reasonable price, the Da Vinci Nano 3D could be the ideal portable monochrome 3D printer, cheap enough for the home and classroom at school.

Available in mid-2018 starting at $ 229.

CES 2018 - xyzprinting-from-win-nano

News Ces 2018: XYZprinting Da Vinci Nano 3D

Vuzix Blade smart glass

They have been indicated by everyone as a very interesting novelit 2018. Google Glass has disappeared, leaving space for other smart glasses. Vuzix has incorporated a camera, a microphone and a side touchpad in this pair of large, but normal-looking sunglasses that allow you to answer calls and make Alexa's giant brain available.

Prices and availability not yet available.

CES 2018 - AR Vuzix AR3000

News Ces 2018: Vuzix Blade smart glass

Earphones with Amazon Alexa

Jabra has launched several new features in particular two models of auricoalri that integrate the Amazon Alexa voice assistant: they are the new Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t wireless earphones. Designed for the best wireless calls on the move and musical enjoyment with the Active version for those who do sports.

new integration with Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa on-the-go, and not to disappoint anyone with integrated one-touch access to Siri and Google Now.

The Jabra Elite 65t combine a lightweight design with a battery life of up to 15 hours – with its base included – and five hours of listening on a charge. Winner of the CES Innovation Award 2018.

News Ces 2018

News Ces 2018: Jabra Elite 65T

Ces 2018: Debussy Nathaniel Headphones

Debussy Nathaniel's headphones are enabled for 4G, so you don't need to connect them to a phone or computer to play music. They are controllable via LCD screens, but are currently only in the prototype phase.

They should cost a hefty sum of $ 5,000 US and Debussy said he hopes to launch them on the market within 18 months.

New CES 2018 Debussy Nathaniel headphones

News Ces 2018: the headphones with the LCD

CURO robot

Among the most interesting innovations there are robots, of course, in particular, and educational robots like CURO, produced by Cubroid. It is a Robot capable of teaching programming to children but also how to interact with artificial intelligence. I take care of two modules and each module has wireless, camera, microphone, LCD display, speaker, motor. Cubroid hopes that the CURO will encourage children's creativity and imagination.

News Ces 2018

News Ces 2018: Curo Robot

LG OLED TV with roll-up screen

There are many CES 2018 news related to the world of TV. LG launches a TV from the world of science fiction: a display 65-inch 4K OLED which turns into a kind of tube. Imagine it at the foot of your four-poster bed or at the bottom of a luxury bathroom. We can hope that this futuristic TV will soon be on the market, but LG has not yet announced prices or availability, let alone an explanation of how it actually works.

CES 2018 - LG

News Ces 2018: Rollable LG Oled TV

LG OLED TV at 8K of 88 inches

With every Black Friday overflowing with 4K televisions, LG had no choice but to launch the new flagship product with this year's 8K resolution. This 88-inch colossus guarantees maximum astonishment with its resolution of 7,680 × 4,320 pixels, four times that of a normal 4K and 16 times more than a standard standard Full HD TV. You will still have to wait for 8K content to become available on the market.

CES 2018 - LG 88 inch 8K

News Ces 2018: LG OLED at 8K of 88 inches

Samsung Q9S

The new one is really new Q9S from Samsung the first 85K 8K TV with artificial intelligence. According to what the company has stated, the TV uses the power of artificial intelligence to carry out regular content in l8K compatible format.

CES 2018 - Samsung Q9S

New CES 2018: Samsung Q9S

Samsung 186-inch TV at MicroLED

Do you like giant televisions? Samsung presented a screen with a 186-inch MicroLED and not just a concept, it will be available this year.

In addition to this, no specific information on availability or prices was provided.

Ces 2018

News Ces 2018: the 186 ”Samsung MicroLED TV

Acer Swift 7

At each edition of the CES there is a de facto competition on who presents the thinnest device. This year the prize for the thinnest laptop goes to Acer, with the new Swift 7, which, with a thickness of 8.98 mm, becomes a primary protagonist among the world's thinnest laptops.

Available in April, starting at $ 1,699.

CES 2018 - Acer Swift 7

New CES 2018: the thinnest notebook in the world

Nvidia BFGD

BFGD the acronym of Big Format Gaming Display; how big? 65 inches, much larger than most gaming monitors, which often reach about half the size. The monitor BFGD low latency was built by Nvidia together with partners HP, Asus and Acer and integrates Nvidia Shield streaming technology.

Nvidia says it will be available on the market this summer, but the price has not been announced.

CES 2018 - nvidia

Novit Ces 2018: Nvidia BFGD

Intel AMD together for NUC gaming

Intel and AMD, classic rivals in the CPU sector, have teamed up to create a new set of processors: specifically, they combine the processing power of Intel Core i5 and i7 with AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics technology. In other words, like Nvidia's Max-Q architecture, this new configuration makes gaming laptops smaller and thinner.

N Intel, n AMD have yet announced any laptops powered by these chips.

CES 2018 intel amd

After the forecasts of what to expect from this show, only at the beginning and we will see countless fantastic gadgets in the coming days, so there may still be technological revelations for 2018.

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz

Nvidia's technology is not just about games. Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess took the stage of the Nvidia keynote at CES, where he said that the automaker would integrate Nvidia's Drive IX platform into the I.D. Buzz and allow us to recognize people as they approach the car, unlock the door for the owner or other trusted people and personalize the in-car experience.

CES 2018 volkswagen

News Ces 2018: the VW pick-up truck returns, electrified

Hyundai hydrogen SUV

Equipped with a 120 kW electric motor, Hyundai estimates that its propulsion prototype, supported by three 700 bar hydrogen tanks and a 1.56 kWh lithium ion battery, could have a range of more than 350 miles per charge . Furthermore, the only emission that leaves water vapor.

Available at the end of 2018, price not available.

CES 2018 - Hyundai

Novit Ces 2018: the hydrogen car for everyone

The Delta tap connected with Alexa

There are many novelty CES 2018 for the home and home automation. "Alexa too cold water! .." The Delta smart faucet connected to Wi-Fi and connected with Alexa allows you to use voice commands to turn the water on or off, supply a specific quantity or regulate the temperature.

Availability and prices still unknown.

CES 2018 - Delta Alexa tap

News Ces 2018: the tap with Alexa

CES 2018: the Samsung smart refrigerator

The new Samsung smart refrigerator recommends recipes based on your family's food preferences, allergies and, thanks to the integrated cameras, the ingredients you have on hand and the new Deals app saves you money on groceries at discounted prices, adding them to yours shopping list.

Availability and prices not yet available.

CES 2018 - samsung refrigerator

News Ces 2018: The smart fridge from Samsung

Kohler Numi, the smart toilet

Maybe it won't have much success in Italy, but who can say it … Does the toilet feel excluded from the intelligent configuration of your home? The new Kohler top model offers automatic bathroom drainage, bidet cleaning, foot heating, odor control, music, night lighting and automatic seat temperature management. Also, can you ask Alexa to flush the toilet, unmissable, or not?

CES 2018 - Kohler numi wc

News Ces 2018: the Smart WC

Moodo aroma machine

Collect all your candles and perfumed oils and throw them in the trash, because the perfume machine is now available Moodo, connected to Wi-Fi, supported by Alexa, which can fill your home with the smell of a spa or a beach party.

Prices start at 199, also available for Italy now on

CES 2018 - Modoo

Omron HeartGuide

Omron's LHeartGuide a smartwatch with medical-grade blood pressure monitoring. The device still undergoing testing and expected to be presented to the FDA by the end of the year. The target price in the United States of $ 349, about the cost of an Apple Watch.

CES 2018 - omron

News Ces 2018 for health

Elmer, the Smart shower

News Ces 2018 also for the home shower. Certainly Elmer's intelligent shower will require a renovation, but with this and the cost of the intelligent shower itself, you'll get a shower based on Amazon Alexa that can reproduce sounds and lose yourself in essential oils. Furthermore, you will be able to control the temperature and strength of the water with your voice.

The Elmer Smart Shower range starts at $ 1,500 and goes up to $ 3,000.

Ces 2018 elmer smart shower

News Ces 2018 also for the shower

News Ces 2018