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CES 2012: WEMo, Belkin's home automation system to control the home remotely.

CES 2012: WEMo, Belkin's home automation system to control the home remotely. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Belkin has launched Wemo, a modular home automation product line that allows you to manage your home devices from anywhere via an application for smartphones or tablets. The remote control switch (49.99 euros) and the motion sensor are the first two products in the range. Wemo works with the existing electrical system and requires a Wi-Fi connection and a free smartphone application for installation. Just connect the WeMo remote control switch to any electrical outlet in the house and then connect it to the desired device, such as a lamp. Through the smartphone application, it is possible to switch the devices on and off remotely or program them to activate or switch off at certain times.

The motion sensor (59.99 euros) works together with the switch making the device sensitive to movements in a room. Used together, the products allow the light to turn on automatically when a person enters a room or to turn off if no one is there. Belkin says that the switch and sensor are just the beginning of a new range of designed products. to create a flexible system and simplified home management. Future products under development include a remote garage door opener and a baby monitoring system. The switch and motion sensor will be available this summer. The free WeMo application will be downloadable from the App Store and the Android Market. The complementary products of the range will be presented during 2012.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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