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CercaCovid: Lombard citizens can help monitor the virus with an app

CercaCovid: Lombard citizens can help monitor the virus with an app

Some Italian regions have started to activate their own initiatives for trace the spread coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2) by means ofacquisition and thedata analysis, pending the Government to select the proposals presented as part of the "Innova for Italy" initiative.

In the past few hours Lombardy region presented CercaCovid, a project for to collect data from Lombard citizens that can spontaneously help define one contagion risk map. Those who want to help do nothing but download aapp for Android is iOS, keeping in mind some aspects:

  • CercaCovid was integrated into the existing AllertaLOM app * via an update
  • It is a official project of the Lombardy Region
  • It is not an app that tracks movements, but merely acquires the answers provided by the user
  • To contribute to the project just fill in a short questionnaire
  • All data are acquired in anonymous form


As clarified yesterday by the vice president of the Lombardy Region, Fabrizio Sala, the data collected is put to available to draw a map of the risk of contagion which – also thanks to the intersection with other databases – will allow experts to develop forecasting models. The map will then be useful for identifying the best measures to manage the emergency – for example highlighting new potential outbreaks – and for develop statistical and epidemiological analyzes.

Why the project works is it must be supported by as many participants as possible, both by users with symptoms and by asymptomatics. The more data is acquired, the more reliable and useful the risk map will be. It is a do ut des, since the information collected and processed will in turn be shared with citizens.


Who wants to participate must:

  • Download the app AllertaLom, available for Android * * and iOS
  • Select the "SearchCovid" tab and give consent for privacy
  • Answer the questions of the questionnaire
    • Data are requested on age, municipality and postcode of residence and place of work, if you have had contact with positive people and if you experience some symptoms
  • It is possible to fill in the questionnaire several times, with the limit of 1 sending per day

* is the Lombard Civil Protection app which manages another series of alerts

** the update for Android with the new CercaCovid section is being distributed, it should arrive in these hours. The function is already present in the iOS app