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CeBIT 2012: Fibaro, the house is controlled from Mac, iPhone and iPad and also verbally with Z-Wave

CeBIT 2012: Fibaro, the home is controlled from Mac, iPhone and iPad and also verbally with Z-Wave The Fibaro stand at CeBIT

A home automation solution able to adapt to existing systems without highly invasive installations? Fibaro, Fibar's intelligent home solution presents itself as an elegant and flexible response to the request for lighting control, heating / air conditioning and home automation.

In the CeBIT stand, the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad used to manage all the nodes (up to 240 with a single wireless controller – but multiple arrays can be created) with an elegant control interface.

The company wishes to emphasize the European construction and the quality control carried out on the individual components and especially the compatiblit, thanks to the Z-Wave protocol with a wide range of appliances (thermostats, anti-theft controls, etc.) marketed in our continent.

The key of the system in the very compact modules that can be installed inside the fruits present in the apartment without altering the general structure of the electrical system at a cost of about 60 Euros for each module (dimmer, motor control, single relay switches or double) which can be installed with a simple screwdriver in about 3 minutes. The controller made with elegant aluminum finishes and which interacts with the home internet and allows access from the web also costs 549 Euro including VAT.

In our photo gallery we show you the whole series of connectable nodes, the interface on iOS (available in English) and the details of the modules to be inserted inside the sockets.

The application that manages the system will soon be available on the App Store.

For more information, see the manufacturer's website.

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