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CeBIT 2010: Terratec's news between media player and audio accessories

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The Terratec stand at CeBIT 2010 was divided between the general public area and the area reserved for retailers and the protagonist was undoubtedly the new full HD media player with NOXON M520 network connection which will be available from April at the price of 149 Euro including VAT. The specifications are the classic ones of the products of this kind with the possibility of connecting peripherals through USB 2.0 interfaces, to which must be added the direct reading of SD memory cards to quickly read photos and videos taken with your camera or camcorder for this reason Terratec has developed a fast slideshow creation application called Diashow.The enclosure in the tradition of German reliability made of aluminum and Terratec supplies all connection cables as standard, including HDMI. In our gallery you can give a look at the ports and on-screen interface.

The other news concern audio amplification systems that derive in part from Terratec's proprietary technologies and in part appear to be third party projects marketed by the German company. The most original is certainly the mono speaker Sound-Station Subsession Traveler 1 which uses the resonance technology of the surfaces on which it rests to obtain the maximum possible volume in a limited space (13x5x3 centimeters) and in a low weight (200 Grams). Power is supplied via USB as well as recharging and the battery lasts about 20 hours. The retail price of 39.90 Euros including VAT.

For those who want a decent power for a laptop or MP3 player and USB power supply there are also models Traveler 3 and 5 that with class D amplification and a central subwoofer (2 ″ and 1/4 ensure a particularly rich sound even for a system of this size and power. Version 5 has more battery power. The Traveler 3 it costs 49.99 Euros while the Traveler 5 costs 59.99 Euros.

Finally, a versatile support for laptops that also includes a cooling and amplification system with speaker for treble and subwoofer. It's about Subsession Stage 3 always with USB power supply, fan power switch and auxiliary input. The cost to the public of 79.99 Euros including VAT

All product images with their comments are on this Macitynet gallery.