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CD-RW burners, precipitous prices

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The market for CD-RW burners is now saturated, so saturated that at the moment the only lever that manufacturers are able to maneuver to stimulate sales is that of prices.

This was demonstrated by a series of market surveys according to which the costs of the drives on the American market had dropped to levels never seen before, well below $ 100 for the top models, but also at just a little over sixty dollars. for mid-range models.

The responsibility for this descent which over the past few weeks has been accentuated by some particular situations that have led to the increase in warehouses. For example, many OEMs canceled, following the weak demand for finished PCs, orders placed at the beginning of the year forcing drive manufacturers to transfer surpluses to other channels and to lower prices.

According to IDC, which has carried out a specific study in this regard, the price level of CD-RWs has also been afflicted by the early market appearance of 42x burners. Finally, the increasingly heated competition with DVD-RWs that drop in price has a decisive impact, stimulating consumers to opt for them rather than a normal CD-RW. According to IDC, the downward trend, once triggered, could even accelerate the its rhythm thanks to the fact that large manufacturers, equipped with the necessary know-how, are proving able to reduce production costs, using fewer pieces and finding cheaper suppliers. In this situation, the market may soon lose the smaller contenders who will switch to other businesses due to the inability to make profits from the sector.

The only hope, at the moment, always indicates IDC, offered by the market for computers intended for businesses. Here only 15/20% of the machines have a CD-RW. The prospect of an increase of up to 50% could supply the sector with oxygen.