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Castle Frenzy: Spectacular defend the castle for iPhone and touch

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Castle Frenzy: spectacular defend the castle for iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Even if the genre you defend the castle has respectable titles with regards to technical and graphic realization, Gameloft's new Castle Frenzy takes the genre to a new level. First of all from a graphic point of view: fortress and attackers are all in 3D but above all made with a meticulous attention to detail and animation. Sorcerers, goblins, dark elves, trolls and so on seem to emerge from a fantasy book illustrated or better from a cartoon. There are 10 different types of creatures that hurry towards our manor from the edge of the screen.

To stop them at the beginning it can be enough to touch them and, without releasing your finger from the screen, drag them in the air to make them fall or violently throw them against the walls of the castle. As the number of invaders grows as well as their attack power, it is necessary to switch to more appropriate defense tools. We can hurl fireballs that reap victims with their rebounds, or turn this fantasy zoo into a museum of ice statues. With the gold accumulated by resisting the invaders, we can buy useful enhancements from a catalog of 18 devilries, one more effective than the other. Among the most satisfying are the hungry hydra to which we can feed our enemies.

Castle Frenzy amazes for the graphics, it is also particularly complete for the game modes included immediately, without optional purchases. In addition to the campaign mode with missions of increasing difficulty, you can play in infinite mode by setting the desired level, finally compete against friends and opponents from all over the world through the global ranking. Castle Frenzy available on the App Store for 1.59 euros.

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