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Carrara Studio 2 released from early June

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Born from many years of experience in the 3D world of Metacreations and its interaction with the glorious Ray Dream and Infini-D, Carrara provides a "flow" approach to the project combined with excellent fast rendering capabilities.

Intended as a link between 2D designers and the three-dimensional world, the software contains a number of interesting capabilities such as a hybrid RayTracer, advanced shader editors, multiple modeling tools, real-time metaballs, 3D light sources, particle management , lens flare, motion blur, key framing, physical and deforming effects.

Eovia relies heavily on the organization of the design work called SmartFlow which considerably reduces the learning time of 3D developers with an intuitive interface and a work environment that progressively leads to work within the project by completing a progressive series of production steps.

The ability to create true Storyboarding for an optimization and speed up of animations.

Objects can be assigned physical properties such as weight and elasticity to reproduce the most realistic effects.

Carrara supports Open GL technology to create high quality 3D outputs that can be used for the web, multimedia and printing. It is possible to create interactive 3D objects and export them in MetaStream format to view them in real time on any Web page.

The new version introduces a new rendering technology called Photon Mapping for ultra-realistic defined results, Bones and Skinning capabilities (Bones and Skin literally) for advanced character animation, Subdivision Modeling and of course the native version for Mac OS X.

To find out more, visit this page of the Eovia website. The software is distributed in our country by Pico