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Carekit, Apple wants you to monitor your health more

Carekit, Apple wants you to monitor your health more

What is CareKit, the new platform presented by the Cupertino company to monitor the health of users

In early March 2015 Tim Cook presented ResearchKit, or an open source tool available to developers who promised to transform iPhone into a tool for diagnosing diseases. The data would have been collected by the same researchers who, on them, would then have built new theories and, in perspective, also cures. Lepilepsy and lasma were the first to be studied and treated.


Later we realized a new dynamic: it was possible, in certain cases, to diagnose a person a disease, even if the person himself did not know he had it, only by studying the data traced. Hence the idea of ​​creating platforms that would also act as tracker for some physical conditions (of course, always and only for research purposes).

And so that was presented on Monday CareKit, the latest Apple software that works with HealthKit and integrates ResearchKit. Will be present in iPhone SE, on iPad Pro and Apple Watch. The presentation of the package lasted almost more than the unveiling of the new iPhone. Here we have told why Apple has put products in the background.

In practice, Apple is pushing its users to have an active role in tracing your medical conditions, monitoring the symptoms of your illness with simple and immediate graphics.

Apple CareKit

Based on research by best American universities (such as Stanford, John Hopkins University and the University of Rochester), Apple built a platform that could provide any physician, who usually takes a few minutes to visit a patient, a more representative overview of the patient's health.


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