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Candles, colored lights or hi-tech? The best Christmas lights for the smart home

Candele, luci colorate o hi-tech? Le migliori soluzioni per accendere il Natale

The Christmas tree, the windows, the gardens, the crib, the house and the table: the Christmas lights can really be positioned everywhere and choose a business that is anything but simple. For those who still have to decorate the tree and for those who have yet to decide how to light their Christmas and also for the holidays, they do not want to give up a smart home, here is a selection of lighting systems among the many possibilities to decorate the house, with simple colored lights to the smart ones to be controlled with an app, which will give a hi-tech accent to the Christmas traditions.

Twinkly lights for a tree to be controlled with your smartphone

Twinkly lights allow you to have a Christmas tree with lighting controllable via smartphone. You can create custom effects in any color, on any surface you want with the new generation of LED decorative lights via the Twinkly app for iOS and Android. Lapp maps the position of each LED bulb and gives the user the possibility of wrapping any shape with the lights and using predefined effects or inventing new ones. Twinkly lighting with 225 LEDs can be purchased on Amazon for 139.99 euros and available with the Prime service.

Candles, colored lights or hi-tech? The best solutions to light up Christmas

Flameless candles with remote control

If you want to celebrate Advent by lighting the traditional four candles in the crown, but you don't want to risk setting your house on fire, then a solution could be offered by decorative flameless candles, controllable with a remote control. On the market there are all colors and many different models. Interesting are the sets of flameless candles in real wax, such as, for example, a set in different sizes from 10 to 20 cm in height and 5 cm in diameter, with LED and 2 AA batteries for candle, to be controlled with a remote control with a timer, which can be purchased on Amazon for 19.99 euros.

Candles, colored lights or hi-tech? The best solutions to light up Christmas

Brizled lights are controlled with the Brizled app, available for iOS and Google Play: you can set the timer and choose from many different ways to flash. There are different models, with lights and cables of different colors. All have LED lights and have the ability to be controlled in a smart way.

On Amazon the Brizled Christmas lights are available starting from € 14.99.

Candles, colored lights or hi-tech? The best solutions to light up Christmas

LightStrips Plus by Philips Hue

For those who are already a Philips Hue user, an excellent LightStrip Plus option: a light strip that can be fixed under the bed frames, behind furniture or in any place you want, to create a particular or intimate atmosphere. The Philips Hue app lets you change color and choose from over 16 million colors, or create your own light scenes. It can be activated or deactivated remotely and also works with other Philips Hue lights.It is compatible with Homekit through the appropriate hub which can be purchased separately or in combination with other kits.

LightStrips Plus 2 meters available on Amazon for 55.41 euros on offer for a limited time.

Candles, colored lights or hi-tech? The best solutions to light up Christmas

Qedertek Lucia solar panel

For those who do not want to have thoughts, the ideal are the outdoor LED lights, waterproof, with solar panel: the chain of lights automatically turns on when the sun goes down and automatically turns off when the sun rises. Just choose a place in the sun for the connected solar panel, turn it on and after a recharge time the chain will be able to work alone.

The QederTEK chains of lights can be found on Amazon starting from € 13.99 and are available with colored and white lights.

Candles, colored lights or hi-tech? The best solutions to light up Christmas