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Camera with Bluetooth

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Sony will be the first camera compatible with the Bluetooth standard.

The Japanese electronics giant has announced the release for November of the DSC-FX77 in Europe, a new 4-megapixel camera that has among its main features the ability to communicate via Bluetooth.

The DSC-FX77 uses a particular profile of the wireless standard, called BIP (Basic Imaging Profile) which allows Peer to Peer connections with remote devices allowing dialogue with a number of peripherals among the most disparate among those that support the same system.

In practice, says Sony, a computer will be able to receive images but also control the camera itself, allowing very sophisticated functions when adequate software is created. You can also imagine its connection to PDAs and cell phones to create a digital remote image transmission system.

Immediately the DSC-FX77 can function as a wireless "mini-camera" by sending images to the computer at about 6.5 frames per second.

The camera will use a lens with Carl Zeiss lenses on a rotating body similar to that of some Nikon models. The zoom will be 3.5x.

Other features besides the price will be announced later, at the time of launch in Europe, when the DSC-FX77 will be made available.