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Camcorder AKASO 1080P WiFi powered with lots of substance

Camcorder AKASO 1080P WiFi powered with lots of substance

AKASO 1080P WiFi video camera

If home automation is entering your home, among the many smart devices can not miss a surveillance camera that helps keep your home safe. Among the various rooms already tested, the one produced by AKASO is undoubtedly the best. The features are superior to an incredibly low price. After trying it, I will try to share with you my experience of using this Akaso 1080p WiFi surveillance camera for your home or your child.

AKASO 1080P WiFi camera for home security

There camcorder AKASO 1080P WiFi powered, compatible with Alexa and Google Home, it has small dimensions but great features present in higher-end devices. It has an oval body in which the motorized eye is set, which can be directed by your smartphone to expand the optical cone.

video camera AKASO 1080P WiFi

Quality images, easy to manage, incoming and outgoing audio function, direct control of your home from wherever you are, possibility to record video or take pictures of the room in which the camera is located, video storage on SD card, on smartphone or on the Cloud and other interesting features for this small smart device.

You can easily place the video camera on a shelf or fix it on a wall with a wide viewing angle of 100, or widen the viewing angle by rotating the camera through your smartphone 355 degrees horizontally and 90 vertically.

akaso alto

When stopped, the AKASO camera takes up the environments with a considerable wide angle, but a particular feature of this camera that does not have a rotating head, but rotates the entire body of really reduced dimensions on a motorized base. The small dimensions guarantee a difficult identification in the room and the movement up and down occurs with the rotation up and down of the rotating head, in which the camera is incorporated.

It has no power on and off buttons, and is activated when the power cord is connected to a power outlet. The USB port located below the body of the device, and the cable long enough to connect it to a socket not really close to where the camera is positioned. This means that the camera does not have an autonomous battery, but has a slot to insert a Micro SD card up to 128GB useful for recording videos and photos. To insert the micro SD card you have to connect the camera to the current and adjust with the smartphone the angle of the camera lens on, now you can insert the micro sd card in the slot that appears in the black rotating head.

akaso wifi video camera

After turning it on, you will see a red light on the front that will turn blue after being activated. The AKASO 1080P camera in addition to returning color images in high resolution, also equipped with infrared light illuminators that are not visible, able to give light to a dark environment, returning a good black and white image for night vision.

In the back positioned a microphone and a speaker with the dual function to detect the ambient sound, but also to return the voice transmitted through the app installed on your smartphone to the environment for a two-way communication, with the possibility of dialogue between two people.

akaso behind

Installation and first activation of the Akaso camera

After buying it naturally you want to install the camera and the first thing to do is to download the app AKASO Smart (Android, iOS). Now you can connect the camera to the socket and if you already have one, insert the microSD memory card into the slot. At this point, just open the app AKASO Smart and create a new Akaso account, if you don't have one yet. Register using your email or phone and enter the verification code that will be provided to you and complete by entering a personal password.

akaso account registration

After this phase, click on Add device and then do the manual pairing by clicking up on Add manually (recommended) and from the left menu bar select Protection sensor and finally click on Security camera.

add akaso camera

Follow the on-screen instructions entering the access data of your WiFi network, remembering to set the network to 2.4 GHz and not to 5 GHz to change it immediately after connecting the device. After confirming a QR code will be shown on the screen, just turn the code to the camera and when you hear an acoustic signal, confirm it and wait for the device to connect to the WiFi network.

akaso camera connection

You are now ready to start using the video camera AKASO 1080P WiFi. Open the app on your phone and click on the camera icon to start viewing the live image on your phone. If the room is lit up, you will immediately see clear images in high resolution. You can also turn the phone around to see larger images of the house under surveillance.

app smart akaso

The Akaso video camera functions

You will be able to discover some interesting features to manage your room from wherever you are (at home and away from home). All useful functions like taking a picture of the image you are viewing on the screen. Or the Talk function to communicate to the room in which the camera is located via your phone, but also to listen to the ambient sound. You can also record a video of what is happening in the environment. If you have a micro SD card inserted, you can play videos stored on the card. Very useful option is the Direction key which allows you to direct the camera in four directions, both horizontally and vertically. The last function is the Alarm, that is when the video camera intercepts a movement in the supervised environment, which can occur with different warning options. For example, you can set to receive a notification on the phone with a snapshot or a sound signal attached. To activate the functions, you must open the Akaso app in Settings and activate all the functions or only those that interest you.

akaso camera functions

If you have a cat in the house, the risk that the alarm can be triggered continuously, in this case you can set the sensitivity of detecting the movement, from low to high. The notifications you received will be stored in the app and you can view them at any time.

akaso alarm notifications

You can also activate recording 24/24 hours and store it either on the micro SD card inserted in the video camera (not supplied) or on the cloud. If the room is not lit, or we are in the middle of the night, the camera will still work via a built-in infrared IR LED, with night vision in black and white up to a distance of 10 meters.

night notifications


After trying the camera AKASO 1080P WiFi in the different conditions of use, I can say that it left me very satisfied in almost all its features. The ability to control everything that happens in your home, even when you are away from home, on vacation or anywhere else, a feature of high-end devices. Nothing will ever escape you in your home. Also consider the usefulness of controlling your child when sleeping in the crib or keeping an elderly person living with you in check. For the price level we are talking about, an unexceptionable device, with all the functions that perform their duty as specified by the company, as well as compatibility with Amazon Echo Show and Google Home that allows you to show you what you want on the screen . Of course it does not make sense to connect it to Alexa Echo, as it has no vocal-only functions.

akaso dimensions

It guarantees unthinkable forms of security, such as the case of the blackout and subsequent reboot of the modem and camera. In this case, it will start working again without having to reconfigure it again. I didn't try it, but some users confirm that it also works with Chromecast. Even the app works fine, just open it and in a few seconds you will get back the high resolution images. If you are more people at home, all will be able to install the app and run the Akaso video camera on all mobile devices, both Android and iOS. The only limit found is the possibility to schedule a recording at specific times, you can only activate it manually. The camera package AKASO 1080P WiFi It contains:

  • 1 * 1080P Wifi camera
  • 1 * Power Adapter
  • 1 * USB Power Cable
  • 1 * Wall Mounting Plate
  • 1 * Adhesive Tape
  • 1 * Bag for Screws
  • 1 * Quick Reference Guide

The video camera AKASO 1080P WiFi motorized to monitor your home when you are away from home can be purchased on Amazon.