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Cagni: iPhone could do better in Europe

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Apple can certainly do better than it is doing today in Europe with the iPhone. To admit, for the first time albeit halfway, that there is no full satisfaction with what is happening on the market of the old continent an authoritative and official voice: that of Pascal Cagni, general manager of Apple in Europe.

The manager expressed his opinion in an interview with Les Echos (paid reading), a French business newspaper that always has some attention to the things that happen in the Apple house. "I would not want to appear too picky – says Cagni – saying that I am disappointed with how things are going, but I can still say that we could certainly do better". The head of Apple Europe does not specify further and does not forward in depth consideration, but one can not put his words in a context where in two countries out of the three where iPhone is marketed the phone now offered with strong discounts and where they are always the rumors about a change of strategy in the face of a market that seems to privilege unlocked phones without a mandatory contract are more insistent. And that something could cook in the pot can be understood from the fact that Cagni is keen to point out that Apple "is not inextricably linked to a particular economic model in the relationship with mobile phone operators"

And that there is a very strong market, perhaps even in the face of changes in strategy, Cagni himself confirms it in the continuation of the interview when he underlines β€œthe enormous interest that is manifested in countries like Russia and Ukraine from where I have just returned – says Cagni -; there is a strong demand for our phone and we will take it into account even when it comes from countries less wealthy than those in Western Europe. " To reach 10 million iPhones by the year, Apple seems to be counting heavily on Europe and Cagni reiterates that by the end of the year, iPhone will arrive in "other countries besides France, Germany and England. Even if I can't tell you which ones ”. Recall that Italy is among the front row countries for iPhones, although there are substantial rumors about Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and even Spain.

Good news, at least for citizens from across the Alps, comes from the confirmation that the iTunes video section will also be available in France "in the coming months – says Cagni – content providers are interested in being present in our shop".

Recall that iTunes video strategy is expanding outside the US very slowly. After Canada and the United Kingdom, from the beginning of April, TV shows and TV shows are also on sale in the German store. The landing in France, one of the "top three" among the markets of the old continent, a logical consequence. It remains to be seen when there will be video content available also for Italy. What is certain that with the overcoming of the "audio only" iPod and with the emergence of touch models and iPhones, not to mention Apple TV, a showcase with TV shows to sell (or films to rent) becomes now no longer deferred if you want to provide the hardware devices with the contents for which they were designed.