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Byline now in version 3.0, to read RSS and offline news on iPhone and touch

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Byline now in version 3.0, to read RSS and offline news on iPhone and touch –

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time hours, the guys from the Phantom Fish team have released version 3.0 of Byline, their excellent RSS feed reader for iPhone and iPod Touch. The update, to say the least, full-bodied, and adds a whole series of new features, such as the use of gestures to browse the various pages and the integration with Instapaper and Twitter. Application performance has also been improved, in addition to the interface which is slightly more intuitive than before.

For those who do not yet know it, Byline is an excellent application that allows you to connect to your Google Reader account and download a copy of all the articles to the iPhone or iPod Touch memory, so you can read them comfortably offline. In addition to the web pages complete with images, you can read RSS, Atom feeds, blogs and much more offline. Those who have already purchased Byline need only update it for free, otherwise the application available on the App Store at a cost of 2.99 euros.

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