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bVNC: the best free VNC client for Android

bVNC: the best free VNC client for Android

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing, and a protocol that allows you to view the desktop of a remote computer and interact with it. The protocol has the function of transporting the graphic interface from a computer, defined server, to another device, on which a called component is installed viewer.In practice with a clientVNC you can manage your computer from another location. In this guide I will show you how to control a PC from an Android device, as if it were your own physical computer.

After proposing the best VPN free for iOS devices in this article, now I would like to talk to you about an app VNCopen source, complete, functional and also free for Android devices.

bVNC 1Lapp bVNC Freecan be called the best free VNC client currently available for Android. You can download it from the Google Play Store from this link. The client, produced by the developer Iordan Iordanov, in addition to being safe, also assisted by Iordan himself, who is available via email to solve any problem you may incur.

bVNC Free supports most VNC server and you can connect, for example, to servers like TightVNC, UltraVNC, TigerVNC, RealVNC, Wine (the VNC server included in Ubuntu) and many others. It also supports remote server (ARD) for desktop with macOS and authentication with as user on Mac. It does not support RealVNC encryption, but you can use VNC conSSH or VeNCrypt.

Furthermore, bVNC also supports connections TLS, making this server compatible with Ubuntu and other GNU / Linux distributions that use the latest version of Wine.

We see below how to configure the bVNC client on Android devices.

How to configure bVNC VNC client on Android

Download from the Play StorebVNC Freeand install it on the Android device. After opening it we find ourselves in front of this screen:

bVNC 2

  • Go to Connection Type and selectBasic VNC (compatible with all servers).
  • In the field Title (optional) if you want to enter a name to recognize this connection (for example, Windows PC).
  • In the field VNC Serveryou must enter the local IP address of your PC (IP address in the LAN).
  • The field VNC Username (optional) can be ignored.
  • in the field VNC Password you must enter the password of the VNC server.
  • After completing your entries, click on Connect up.

This is what you see after completing the fields:

bVNC 3Alternatively, you can choose the pre-configured servers by selecting them from the drop-down menu at the top:

bVNC 4After clicking on Connect, the connection takes place automatically and quickly. What tistupir when he starts using the app, its stability, which is truly impressive.

In the app interface, two groups of keys are offered. The first to access special keys on your PC keyboard.

bVNC 5

The second for open the keyboard of the mobile device.

bVNC 6

it is possible to modify the control system at will by going to Settingsand choosing from the proposed methods.

bVNC an excellent VNC client available for Android. The best results are obtained on smartphones with large displays, as they are more usable even on the move. Which VNC client do you use? Let us know via the comments in this article.