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Buy stock photos, or do it yourself? Lomography

The Lomography uses some unconventional moves and here we present some thoughts to help you free the artist who is in you.

by Nataly Bakumenko *

Visual expression of ideas can be done in different ways Lomography uses some unconventional moves and here we present some thoughts to help you free the artist who is in you.Take your camera with you wherever you go. Anything around you constantly changing; there are fantastic moments to capture right in front of your eyes! Images that deserve to be published can appear when you least expect it: a soap bubble salesman, who caught the eye of a child; a shiny swordfish in a fish market; an old lady who is helped out of a sidewalk. When something catches your attention, use the camera to capture milk. Snap! The best photos are generally spontaneous, so you need to be ready. Be ready to take pictures 24/7. Don't think about how to capture the sun's rays with the camera, or the difficulty in finding the right ISO at sunset. Any grain of dust on the lenses can create interesting effects. Experiment with different types of light and hours of the day. Use long exposure times to create painting effects with light.Be curious – try all the options of your camera (which, frankly, may require you to read it!).

There Lomography it should not be a distraction from your life, but a part of it. Once you've started taking pictures, you'll feel like you've been wearing new glasses! New horizons, new ideas and new hobbies will open up to you because you will have started living in a new creative way. Remember when you started looking at the world through fish-eye lenses? This magic will give you passion and let you develop new knowledge and new ways of looking at reality. Snap to hip height (or other parts of your body!). What kind of photos would your dog take? Get as close as possible to the objects – forget your personal space! Be fearless: the best shot of your life will disappear in five seconds.Do not think. Surprise yourself with incredible photos. Take, shoot, shoot! When you think too much about your camera settings, you lose precious moments. It's all a matter of experience and quick. The most inspiring photographs were taken quickly and without looking over their shoulder. The world moves fast: a cat that yawns, a child who laughs, a bartender who prepares a cappuccino – these moments dissolve in a moment! Do you want to lose them? Close the shutter and trap the world in your lenses.

Afterwards, look at how you will like your new images. You will see real life in it. The colors will be different from what you expected them to be. Strange angles of sight will take you by surprise. You will swear that some shots have been taken by another person, but it was really you – a new, free and creative you!

Don't worry about the rules. Do you want to impress your customers with unusual printed materials? You understand that lomo effects can attract new audiences to your brand, but do you feel that traditional Lomography is not for you? Also add stock photos to your photos. It might be fun to practice your experiments with traditional images as you search for the right one for your project. It's all about freedom – choosing whether to buy stock photos differently or make your own. The main thing is your point of view, your needs and your awareness that, nowadays, images regulate this world.

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Depositphotos n. 67635999

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