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Buy Samsung Galaxy S6 by subscription with Wind


Here are the rates and plans to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in Wind subscription. Windper subscriptions Samsung Galaxy S6

Wind: Here are the rates and plans to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in Subscription.

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<p style=We are finally here: we reveal to you the possible rates with which it is possible buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in subscription with WindItalia.

Starting from today the prices and costs for buy Samsung Galaxy S6 by subscription with WindItalia.

A large number of users are already waiting to be able to buy this new powerful and very expensive smartphone, while many others are waiting to buy this device by subscription, so that it is not necessary to immediately pay its high price. But how much will it cost to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 by subscription? How much will we have to shell out per month?

We know that Samsung Galaxy S6 costs a lotand not everyone can afford to spend an amount ranging from 750 to 1000 euros for this type of product. Fortunately, there are subscriptions, which allow you to have this smartphone immediately by paying a monthly fee which, after all, is quite convenient.

Here is all the information you need on WindItalia subscriptions regarding Samsung Galaxy S6.

If you are thinking of buying Samsung Galaxy S6 in subscription or with rechargeable with Wind, here is all the information on prices, costs and rates for subscriptions.

What are Wind's subscriptions to buy Samsung Galaxy S6? How much do subscriptions for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Windper cost? Here is all the information you need.

WindperSamsung Galaxy S6 subscriptions

Wind has published the official promotions dedicated to the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, both in the rechargeable version and in the subscription. Both offers have a duration of 30 months and an initial advance of 199.90 Euros in the case of Galaxy S6 and 249.90 Euros for S6 Edge; only 32GB version available for both smartphones.

As for subscription rates, the offers maintain the same initial costs and the same duration, while the monthly fee will vary according to the type of package you want to choose. Below we offer the tables dedicated to the different All Inclusive options, remembering that the government concession fee of 5.16 Euros per month.

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<p style=Compared to the rates offered by Vodafone, Wind subscriptions are decidedly more advantageous in their basic versions: we are talking about a total cost of 1314.7 Euros against the 1574.79 requested by Vodafone for S6 and 1484.7 Euros against the 1724.79 Euros requested by Vodafone for S6 Edge.

The rechargeable package is called Smartphone Box and, in addition to the early quota, it provides for a monthly fee of 16 euros for S6 and 20 euros for S6 Edge, with 1GB of internet traffic included. Obviously it is possible to further customize the options to have a package suitable for individual needs. Taking advantage of the Smartphone Box option, you will have a total cost, therefore spread over 30 months, of 679.90 Euros for S6 and 849.90 Euros for S6 Edge, therefore significantly lower than the market price.

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