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Business Intelligence, the first Web 2.0 application for iPad

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Perhaps iPad, at the moment, does not yet have all the characteristics to be of great appeal to the business world, but there are already those who bet that companies will also soon start looking at the Apple tablet. Among those who today try to give a "side B" oriented to the world of managers and who can use the Apple device is Prelytis, a French company that deals with Intelligent Business.

Indeed, Prelytis has announced LiveDashBoard in the iPad version, focusing on the potential of iPad which – reads a press release – represents a real revolution in the mobility sector and an important change in the way of using software in a professional context. With LivedashBoard – continues Prelytis – any user, whether administrator, content producer, manager or simple user is in a position to take advantage of the tactile functionality developed by Apple to analyze and display data relating to its activity.

All the visualization, interactive navigation, but also report and indicator design functions are at your fingertips. LiveDashBoard also offers zoom, copy and paste, context menu, search for hierarchical information (drill-down), quick data reading, etc. for a tactile consultation of the reports.

In the era of multiplexing – says the press release – of mobile terminals and the convergence of uses, LiveDashBoard is the only technology that allows you to access your collaborative Business Intelligence environment whatever the access points and your profile are. First and only decision-making solution entirely Web 2.0, LiveDashBoard offers its customers a multiplatform environment that is easy to configure and spread to several thousand users

The compatibility of our solution with most of the mobile terminals on the market – says Alexandre Schenider, President of Prelytis – has been a strong point of Prelytis since its creation. We are proud to be able to offer our 100,000 users perfect compatibility with the iPad today.

Below is a demonstration of LiveDashBoard on iPad.