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Bundle of plug-ins for iMovie

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Bundle of plug-ins for iMovie –

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There was also room for some interesting products in the field of digital video at Apple Expo.

Among the others we have already talked about, we point out the bundle of plug-ins produced by eZedia and intended for iMovie 2.

Included in the package are eZeMatte, eZeScreen and eZeClip, which allow users of the popular software bundled with all Macs to add images, borders, frames, logos and several other special effects to all movies.

Particularly interesting is the possibility of eZeScreen to superimpose a movie inside another movie; eZeClip creates a 'picture in picture' effect.

EZedia Plug-In costs $ 69 on the American market and requires Mac OS X and iMovie 2.1.1. It can be downloaded directly from the site.

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