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Bugs on Windows systems, millions at risk

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Bugs in Windows systems, millions at risk –

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The alarm spread yesterday: millions of computer systems are in danger due to a bug in server and software components commonly used by software systems.

The danger, already confirmed by Microsoft itself, the security company Foundstone. According to the company's experts, the "hole" would be located in a part of Windows that allows the server and the client to communicate on the online databases.

The bug would allow the spread of viruses and worms and would have the same danger as the previous ones that allowed Code Red and Nimda to hit millions of systems. The bug affects IIS web servers that use MDAC, Microsoft Data Access Component; a problem with the IIS web server has led to the spread of the Code Red worm that affects 400,000 systems worldwide.

The bug would be able to damage not only server systems, but also clients through Outlook and IE for Windows. But this operation, although theoretically feasible, is more complex to complete

Microsoft has already fixed the bug, but the concern that some hacker could use it to launch attacks on Windows-based systems continues to persist. Normally only a non-majority of administrators apply the patch within 7 days from the announcement of the discovery of a bug.

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