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Brothers in Arms 2, iPhone and iPod touch closer and closer to a console

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For players who aim hard, the short initial film can be completely skipped to immediately get into the action. Unlike the introductory, pre-calculated and cinematic animation, all the videos we will encounter along the adventure are made with the same graphics engine as the game. Here Gameloft did a real miracle, but let's proceed in order.

We are recovered from an ambush by an Allied soldier: to check our health, the soldier asks us to perform some basic movements and to recover our equipment, including weapons. Thanks to this clever idea, Gameloft programmers integrated the tutorial into the game, immediately projecting the player into the action. From this moment onwards Brothers in Arms 2 a succession of action and twists.

The track looks like that of a film: from the patrols in the forest with the first contacts with enemy soldiers, passing through stalking until you get to a control base. The skirmishes of fire alternate with real pitched battles in which the first heavy vehicles and even the air forces will not be long in showing up.

The adjective that best suits Brothers in Arms 2 is spectacular, an effect experienced by the player from the first moments of the game, obtained by mixing stunning graphics with a sequence of events worthy of a war movie. As we search for our way running inside the trenches, we notice glimpses from the machine-gun positions that give to the beach: in the distance there is even the marina that bombards the area with ships, while the first amphibious means disembark the troops.

Nobody would dream of comparing the graphics, the number of polygons and the effects of Brothers in Arms 2 for iPhone and touch with the prowess of Xbox 360, in any case the feeling and sensations transmitted by the game are identical. Once again, surprisingly, the qualitative leap compared to previous titles is remarkable: the forest and the buildings are more detailed, the colors have increased, the graphic effects and the game world seem even more true.

This qualitative leap which for each title Gameloft seems to have reached a level that cannot be exceeded, is then irremediably repeated after a few months, with a new title on the App Store. The progression consists of the first Brothers in Arms, followed by Modern Combat: Sandstorm, the incredible NOVA and finally with the title now under consideration. Without taking anything away from the professionalism of the Gameloft developers, world-class for iPhone and touch, it is clear that the potential of the Apple paperbacks still has some surprises in store, an incredible detail if we think that this new game works practically without problems even on the iPhone first generation 3 years ago.

Even if Brothers in Arms 2 is a feast for the eyes, we will have little time to admire buildings and landscapes: the action and the development of the game require all our attention. In the first scenario, we have to pair up with another soldier: even if we can move with a certain freedom, he will show us the way and provide further explanations on the use of weapons. Each session of the game takes from 20 minutes to a maximum of 40 minutes, depending on the skill of the player, to be completed.

Brothers in Arms 2 is not a casual game although it can be played as such. The story and the action develop for the duration of the scenario but our progress is stored in numerous checkpoints: if we have to stop for a phone call or for any other reason we can start again just before where we left off.

Brothers in Arms 2 a game that we recommend not only to fans of shooters set in the wars of the past. Attention to detail, playability and fun are guaranteed for any player who wants to immerse themselves in an adventure studded with shots, destruction and even a little exploration.

As for the negative notes we point out the presence of some bugs that we have encountered for only rarely. In one case, the game graphics went haywire when we left the track. As for the speed of execution for users of the first generations of multi-touch paperbacks, we have not encountered any particular problems. In some cases, if the smartphone or pocket has been used for a long time with other apps, a system restart is recommended before starting to play to avoid possible slowdowns. Brothers in Arms 2 a very demanding program in terms of resources and also of battery, but a cost that is worth bearing.

Brother in Arms 2 on sale for 5.99 euros on the App Store