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Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front lands on the App Store

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Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front lands on the App Store –

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Since the preview trial Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front one of the new Gameloft titles that Macitynet looked forward to most. Starting from the Nova engine, the programmers have managed to further improve graphics and content to create a new shooter that has what it takes to become an obligatory purchase for lovers of the genre on the iPhone and touch. Set in the Second World War, the game action projects the player in 5 very different environments: Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and even Sicily. As expected from console games, immediate and direct involvement: with a clever gimmick Gameloft has inserted the tutorial directly into the game action.

It remains essential to identify and hit the opponents in the shortest possible time but, compared to the first Brothers In Arms, the player now has to pay more attention to his coverage and position. Of course we have a faithful reconstruction of the weapons of the time including rifles, machine guns but also bazookas and flamethrowers. To capture and immerse the player even more, the developers have added to the various missions of the conflict also an enigma on which to shed light: the death of one of our comrades occurred in rather strange circumstances. From the preview test of Macitynet but also from the official movie that we insert as low as possible to admire the constant progress from a graphic and content point of view that Gameloft manages to instil in each new major release.

Recall that during the game we will also be called to check stationary machine guns and those installed on jeeps, driving a tank and even in a flight sequence in a glider. For the story mode Gameloft declares a total playing time of over 6 hours for a series of missions that require 20-30 minutes each and, again for the single player, 26 trophies to conquer. Brothers In Arms 2 then offers the possibility to play with friends in three different maps (all against all, team deathmatch and even domination) to play locally via Bluetooth or via the Internet with Wi-Fi.

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front available on the App Store for 5.99 euros.

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