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Break between AOL and Microsoft

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Break between AOL and Microsoft logomacitynet1200wide 1

break between Microsoft and AOL. The ongoing talks aimed at ensuring that the America On Line services installer was installed by default in XP suddenly stopped last Saturday.What was it that brought the dialogue to a close was not officially declared but sources close to the two parties have no doubt that it was AOL's intention not to end the collaboration with Real Networks. In fact, Microsoft asked that all the streaming video services offered by AOL be based on Windows Media Player and that the agreement that provided for the distribution of Real Player was canceled. On the contrary, AOL intended in some way to maintain the agreements and distribute both the players, a hypothesis not acceptable by Redmond. Other controversies that could have led to the conclusion of the talks would be related to the instant messenger service on the Internet and how the AOL service was presented by XP. None of these would have played a fundamental role, and talks are not expected to resume at the moment. If so, the AOL installer will not be included in XP, a decision that could also lead to problems for the use of IE as the standard browser of America On Line.

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