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Bre Pettis (Ceo Makerbot): Italians free creativity with 3D printing

Bre Pettis (Ceo Makerbot): Italians free creativity with 3D printing

Bre Pettis (CEO of Markerbot) spurs Italians: I love your design and I'm sure you will do extraordinary things, 3D printing "

The founder of Makerbot urges the Italians: I love your design and I'm sure you will do extraordinary things, 3D printing can make you independent. You no longer need to look for a company that takes your ideas and produces them, you can do it yourself and, with your creativity, spread it around the world. A meeting illuminated with one of the people that the world is changing him, starting from a dream, his.

I am a big fan of Italian design and I look forward to seeing what you will do when you have a 3D printer in your hands. Free your creativity, bring it to the world. Bre Pettis, founder and CEO of Makerbot, the company that revolutionized 3D printing, an enthusiast, adores Italy and the creativity that our country can express in design and craftsmanship. In this exclusive interview for Digitalic, Pettis tells his vision of the future of design and 3D printing.

What is design for you? something that is closely related to passion, an obsession, creativity. In my experience I have seen that when people combine 3D printing, Makerbot, with what they love most, fascinating things happen.

And what are the most fascinating things going on in the world of 3D printing?just the combination of passion and technology. There are people who are doing extraordinary things in the world of health, for example in the field of prosthetics as shown by the robot-hand project. But there are many other developments, such as leg prostheses or children's hands. Today, even artists have arrived at 3D printing. There was a time when painting was something new and exciting and artists explored that kind of technology. Here, we are in the same situation today with Makerbot. The artists have discovered this technique and are experimenting it, exploring new boundaries for art. Furthermore, the material used and the 3D printer are inexpensive and allow us to try, take risks, try: this innovation. Because it is born very close to the absurd, next to the marvelous.

From the economic and business point of view, what can the impact of 3D technology be?One of the most extraordinary ways a 3D printer like Makerbot has an impact on the economy that shortens the innovation cycle. Normally, after having an idea it takes months to get to a prototype and you can make several attempts in a year. With a 3D printer, on the other hand, what was normally accomplished in 12 months of work can be done in a single day. So the innovation cycle is compressed and made accessible to everyone. 3D printing has existed for 25 years, what we have done as Makerbot to make it easy to use and user friendly.You have made 3D printing even beautiful. Makerbot Replicator a design object …

There must be something Italian in me! For me it was important to create a precise, reliable, easy to use and beautiful print. An object to put on the desk with pride and that made the station the coolest of the building, of the neighborhood. What the future of Makerbot at this point. A 3D amp st in every house? I see millions of Makerboots on the horizon, even more. When we started nobody knew what a 3D printer was; today different and we are rapidly approaching the moment when 50% of people will know what it is and how it works. If you know nothing about 3D printing, find out! You may be the first in your area, as I was the first in my neighborhood to have an Apple II + in 1981. In the manufacturing sector it is already widespread. The advantages are obvious: you can optimize the workflow, make interventions and improvements on the products very quickly. But even teachers and parents start using 3D printers, so they start playing with it and also experimenting with children, who will do something extraordinary when they grow up because they have found a way to express their creativity in the most diverse fields. It would be great to be able to send a 10-year Makerbot to myself.

How can this technology be useful to Italy?Craftsmen and designers are an essential part of the Italian identity and 3D printing can be fundamental in order not to make them dependent on others. Many young Italian talents do something and look for a company that produces their ideas. But this will not be the future. You need to create a company on your ideas and today it has never been so easy, even because you can go to a crowdfunding site to find resources. In the coming years a new model will be increasingly widespread: creating your own product and going directly to the market.Is 3D printing changing the design world?Precisely in Italy they told me the story of an important designer who made a beautiful switch for lamps that in the homes of almost all Italians from the 60s, but nobody knows his name. Everything is changing us also thanks to 3D printing: a new era begins in which people know exactly who designed each product. This also changes the rules of the market, because you want that particular object made by that particular designer. C another element that is changing the sector and sharing. We have created www.thingiverse. com, where you can find thousands of projects from all over the world. In a similar way to what happens with music and digital books, today things and projects can be downloaded. a new development we are working on.