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Boom for smart homes in Italy will be 2.2 million by 2020

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There will be more and more smart homes in Italy: according to the forecasts of the German Statista portal, in 2020 they will increase by 27% for a total of 2.2 million homes with at least one home automation device installed in the house, generating a turnover of about one billion of Euro.

To push the growth of smart homes in Italy are above all devices not bound to the limits of a single manufacturer and manageable through voice commands, which according to the study will be among the most requested during the year.

The penetration rate of smart home solutions, which is expected to be 9.5% by 2020, is expected to double within the next four years. The home automation market is therefore increasingly profitable for manufacturers: overall, companies can expect an average annual turnover growth of 13.6% until 2024.

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Thanks to the growing popularity of smart speakers, the tendency to control home automation devices through voice commands is emerging. In the third quarter of last year alone, Amazon sold over 10 million Smart speakers worldwide, earning a market share of over 36%.

However, the smart speaker industry also offers no guarantee of success. While Google's Google Home was almost on par with Amazon's Echo in 2018, Jeff Bezos' company sold triple smart speakers in the third quarter of 2019 compared to its competitor in Mountain View.

smart homes in Italy

Who will be among the winners in 2020 and who will instead lose will probably depend on the extent to which the voice assistants and the underlying technology will evolve. In fact, the terminals themselves are not particularly intelligent. Smart speakers depend on a connection to the cloud, where voice commands are analyzed through AI before the command is transformed into sensible action or reaction (or not, in some cases). So, strictly speaking, so far a loudspeaker function has been attributed to the loudspeaker.

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