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Bonus of 600 euros, the INPS site is unreachable

bonus of 600 euros

The site of the pension institution collapsed due to the congestion of accesses for the request for the bonus

It may seem like an April Fool but unfortunately not so. The INPS site collapsed in a short time under the blows of the requests of users who try to carry out the 600 euro bonus form. click day who would deliver the bonus on a principle basis first come first served (before you arrive before you are served) have generated particular anxiety about the need to quickly request the 600 euro bonus. Risk, run out. The INPS site is already offline.

Bonus of 600 euros, there is no click day

bonus of 600 euros

Several times you attempted to explain that the bonus request it won't work like a click day, and that the principle that the sooner it arrives the better it stays, but despite everything self-employed, employees, they rushed to claim the bonus, finding a closed door. Or rather, the INPS down site server.

The INPS pages appeared during the night, disappeared. Then the total crash. The Italians cascaded onto the portal and attempted to submit the request.

The down situation was certainly aggravated by a disclosure thatthe site would record the order of arrival of the requests, which made us suppose that the funds would not have been enough for all self-employed persons entitled and that the order of arrival would have been fundamental. This interpretation was soon followed by denial, but it certainly did not favor the calming of the situation.

Recall that the application for thebonus of 600 euros, can also be presented on the INPS website with the simplified Pin that you can ask for precisely these requests. In recent days, the Minister of Labor, Nunzia Catalfo had explained that with the April decree the measure for April and May will be refinanced, probably expanding the amount. The minister would also work on emergency income.