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Bonus 600 euro INPS: the Data Protection Authority investigates the data leak

bonus 600 euro inps

The INPS website has undergone a predictable tilt, as much as the data breach that has triggered the most serious problem, the one related to privacy

A fuss broke loose on the 600 euro INPS bonus. All this following the sensational mess on the data leak recorded during the first day useful for the requests for the subsidy made available by the government, in virtue of the galloping economic difficulties caused by the post lockdown coronavirus epidemic. Not only the server crash of the National Welfare Institute made the many users who attempted access to the portal, clearly taken by storm – "we are getting 100 questions per second. Something never seen on INPS systems". But the icing on the cake came when the reports of users began that once they were able to access the site they found themselves in front of other people's personal data.

Bonus 600 euros Inps, the Privacy Guarantor intervenes

In an attempt to claim the 600 euro Inps bonus, the tax code, telephone numbers and emails of already registered users appeared. People that they have lost their identity and found themselves authenticated in another person's profile. Really serious matter. And that has not clearly gone unnoticed to the Privacy Guarantor. In a note, the authority for the protection of personal data makes it known "Following the numerous reports received and the notification made breache made by INPS, in relation to the violation of personal data that concerned its institutional site, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data has launched an investigation in order to carry out appropriate checks and assess the adequacy of the countermeasures adopted by the interventions necessary to protect the rights and freedoms of the interested parties ". A due act.

Also not to amplify the risks for people whose personal data have been involved in the data breach and not incur possible offenses, lAutorit draws attention to the absolute need that anyone who has come to know other people's personal data does not use them and avoids communicating them to third parties or disseminating them, for example on social channels, rather by contacting the same Guarantor to report any relevant aspects.

bonus 600 euro inps

In the meantime, LInps has decided that online services will be divided based on the type of applicant. In fact, the services for Patronati and intermediaries will be available from 8:00 to 16:00. For citizens, online services can be accessed from 16:00 to 8:00. Bonus requests for VAT games, on the other hand, will have no dorario limitations. They can be done at any time.

The Institute however reassured users by saying that the chronological order will not be taken into account applications and that benefits can be paid to all those entitled. Most of the payments assured Tridico they should arrive around April 15th but will also be paid in the following days.