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Bolt, Instagram's new app for sending disposable photos

Bolt, Instagram's new app for sending disposable photos

A new Snapchat competitor is born that responds to Instagram's desire to create a quick and informal photo and video sharing tool

These are days of ferment, full of announcements and news for the world of social web. Yesterday we told you about the imminent elimination of chat from the Facebook app – to promote Messenger as the only dedicated app. Today we are talking aboutBolt, Zuckerberg's new creature that will allow Instagram to compete with Snapchat.

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<p id=A premise of obligation:Bolt is not yet available in Italy. This new app has just been launched in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa "to ensure a great experience for our usersAn Instagram spokesperson explained to the TNN portal.

Registration takes place via the SIM phone number installed on your phone – there is no need to create a login linked to your email. Once you have added your friends to the contact list, you can then send your photos, perhaps customizing them with superimposed text. To send a video, however, you will need to hold down longer.

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<p>These<strong>content shared with friends</strong><strong>they will disappear once displayed</strong>, bringing Bolt back into the so-called disposable messaging category. To cancel an accidental Bolt, instead, all you have to do is shake the device. In practice this app answers Instagram's desire to create<strong>a photo and video sharing tool</strong><strong>fast and informal</strong>.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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Boltwill be available soon for Android and iOS devices in the countries mentioned above, but not to exclude an imminent launch also in Europe and the United States. The dates for the international release on a large scale, however, are still a mystery. As a mystery if there really was a need for it, since the operation of the application is very similar to Slingshot, the other retractable photo app produced by Facebook.


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