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Board games: the best ones to download for Android

The sensation of realization that is obtained after beating someone at a board game with a good dose of luck and rewarding intellect. games games that will allow you to challenge a friend or a worthy foreigner on the internet battles intense e fun.

Board games for Android will give you the feeling of actually playing, almost forgetting that you are using a smartphone / tablet, and also, certainly one more reason to prefer them to real ones, not having to put everything in place once you are done playing, not not even having to worry about a friend blowing everything up after losing. Today we have selected and compiled a list of the best board games for Android, so as to make it easier for you to choose from all those that can be purchased or downloaded for free.

Free Chess the best chess game for Android and, at the time of this writing, has the highest rating of many of the board games on the Google Play Store. In the application there are various levels, from beginner to expert, so as to allow you to familiarize yourself with the game, if the first time you play chess, or take part in challenges that will put your skills to the test, you already master the game.The game requires a certain level of intelligence to gain the upper hand over AI, but still practice Constant will also improve your chances of winning.

Producer:AI Factory LimitedVersion:2.2Dimension:9.5 MBUpdate date:December 3, 2014Price:Free

Abalone a relatively new game, but gitra the best of its kind. a 1vs1 board game in which your objective is to push your opponent's marbles off the edge. The very simple gameplay makes it one of the easiest to learn, but very difficult to master. The local and the multiplayer online, if you are a competitive player you will appreciate the online global classification system present in Abalone, which will push you to defend your position in the ranking among almost other 6 million players.The paid version of Abalone, in addition to unlocking new levels, will allow you to access online challenges and a new free game mode, you can also use an editor that will allow you to create a set of rules to make the game more personalized.

Producer:AMA LTD.Version:1.1.2Dimension:19 MBUpdate date:September 9, 2014Price:Free 2.69 for the paid version.

Do you want to solve mysteries and stop the attempt to conquer the world? Then Elder Sign: Omens the game for you.At the beginning you will have to create a team of investigators, it will be possible to choose 4 investigators or make the selection randomly, but it is not possible to play with a different number of investigators.Elder Sign: Omens entirely in 2D and compatible with most devices on the market, moreover, it offers a respectable audio compartment. This board game single-player offers a totally immersive experience, being very engaging if you have a lot of time available.

Producer:Fantasy Flight GamesVersion:Varies by deviceDimension:Varies by deviceUpdate date:November 19, 2014Price:2.95

Talisman Prologue HD a game developed by the creators of Warhammer themselves.The game begins with a series of adventures that invite veterans and novices alike to explore the land of Talisman and, unlike other board games, in Talisman PrologueHDc ?a historywhich progresses by rolling the dice. The fantasy setting made really well and the graphics pays particular attention to details, finally, the game is only single player, but according to the developers the multiplayer will be achieved through future expansions.

Producer:Thumbstar Games LtdVersion:1.0.8546Dimension:49 MBUpdate date:September 3, 2014Price:2.69

GOdroid It will allow you to play the ancient strategic board game "Go" (Weiqi, Igo, Baduk) on your smartphone. The well-made graphic interface also has a save function that comes in handy when you play an excessively long game. The engaging gameplay and artificial intelligence will give you a hard time.Although it seems rather simple, the game requires a good dose of strategyto overwhelm the opponent.

Producer:Andreas GrotheVersion:1.3.9Dimension:1.4 MBUpdate date:July 9, 2013Price:Free

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