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Bluetooth, the effort to start

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Bluetooth, the effort to start – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Bluetooth will have to wait again for a widespread diffusion. According to some information disclosed to developers, in fact, the next Windows service pack will not integrate support for the wireless system and without direct and native support from the Windows operating system almost nothing can become a standard.Microsoft had previously avoided providing dates on Bluetooth support; then he said that the first service pack for XP finally delayed the launch of standard drivers in the autumn announced a development kit by the end of this month. According to some observers, the main problem for Microsoft was the inability to have available enough Bluetooth devices to produce reliable and sufficiently universal software. Problems that seem to meet also Apple that by the end of this year should have released a definitive version of its Bluetooth software but which to date has only presented a preview package.We remind that Microsoft should also release peripherals, eminently keyboards and mice, compatible with Bluetooth as well as an adapter similar to the D-Link one that Apple first announced and then deferred to a later date.

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