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Bluetooth keyboard for smart TV

Bluetooth keyboard for smart TV

Bluetooth keyboard for smart TV

I often find myself watching TV and having to do internet research. The TV could prove to be a useful tool that offers many possibilities to optimize your work even when you are relaxed on the sofa. The best solution to be able to work even in a relaxed condition, is to be able to use a bluetooth keyboard connected to the Smart TV that allows you with ease of working on the internet.

Bluetooth keyboard for smart TV, desktop and Mac

For this reason I went in search of a bluetooth keyboard that could connect to the Smart TV that had a stable connection first and I tried the iClever bluetooth smart keyboard that also includes a wireless mouse.

Lemie needs required a high portability with good autonomy and a great feeling when typing. In my research I had the chance to try thisiClever bluetooth keyboard with rechargeable battery and ergonomic design.

iClever bluetooth keyboard


The iClever bluetooth keyboard has an essential design, with the dimensions of a normal desktop keyboard, but lighter and easier to handle. The standard size (99 keys including the numeric keys) allows you to use all the features and characteristics of a desktop keyboard. The keyboard is thin and compact enough to fit in the wireless bag. Its portability and versatility will surprise you.

The quality ABS material in the upper part and the metal material in the back, has a non-slip surface for an excellent tactile sensation. It is also equipped with a soft button mechanism that eliminates the annoying click when a button is pressed, placed at a suitable distance from each other to improve its usability, thanks also to the illumination of each single button. Even more beautiful is the white keyboard, which can be had at the same price as the black one.

white iclever keyboard


Wireless mode allows a stable connection. With a sharable Nano Receiver, the Plug and play function can be reached at the same time, both from the keyboard and the mouse simultaneously, within a 10-meter radius.

The iClever wireless keyboard and mouse combination are equipped with 2.4 GHz technology which ensures maximum wireless stability by eliminating annoying interruptions during connection. It is possible to connect the keyboard and the mouse to the device in a moment: the combination is not necessary.

Battery recharge

As we have said, the keyboard equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery (280mAh) built into the keyboard, therefore, enough batteries to change. A charge allows up to 90 hours of work by keeping it charged for about 2 hours, while the mouse has a powerful 2XAAA battery.

wireless mouse

I also want to talk about another iClever wireless keyboard and mouse feature. Smart chips that automatically detect current working conditions. If no operation is performed for more than ten minutes, the keyboard and mouse go into stand-by. This helps maintain battery life, which when it runs out, the top right light turns red to attract attention.

The iClever bluetooth keyboard useful for connecting to a Smart TV, but works well with desktop and notebook computers, but also with MacBook. If you want to buy this keyboard, find it on Amazon at a very affordable price.