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Bluetooth in the car as an option

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Bluetooth in the car as an option –

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The new Saab 9-3, which has been in distribution for a few days on the Italian sales network of the Swedish / American brand (part of the shareholding now referable to General Motors), equipped with a high-tech optional.

They are not a novelty (albeit a few) mobile phones that integrate Bluetooth technology for short-range communications (PAN – Personal Area Network) but one of the first steps in this sense on series cars (another case are some BMW models).

"Integrated telephone kit: voice-activated cellular telephone module, with buttons on the steering wheel or on the radio, which integrates with the Saab Infotainment systems (ES2 or ES3). Hands-free functions complete with mute. Calls are transmitted by the audio system. Bluetooth wireless connection for headphones, laptop, electronic agenda etc. Address book, SMS and other information are shown on the display of the audio system (Available during the year 2003) "This is the complete description of the product that can be purchased together with a shiny Saab 9-3.

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