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Bluetooth and WiFi arm in arm

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WiFi and Bluetooth together, on the same PCI card. The bold attempt to make the two standards become brothers, which according to someone even would have ferociously torn each other until only one remained in use, are Intersil and Silicon Wave.A to agree WiFi, which we remember the standard of Airport, and Bluetooth, in fact, a PCI card inside which the transmission chips share the same circuit, the same antenna and the same interface with the machine.

It should be noted that the data transmission can, according to what was communicated, also take place simultaneously.We remember that one of the factors that predicted a fair battle between the two standards were also the presumed radio interference between Bluetooth and WiFi, interference that obviously is not a problem for the new PCI card.

According to ZDNet UK, which released the news, the hybrid transmission adapter, once implemented by a final manufacturer, should not cost more than 50 pounds, less than 100 euros.