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Block Microsoft? A senator tries again.

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Block Microsoft? A senator tries again. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Does Microsoft continue to abuse its dominant position in the field of operating systems? This is the conviction of the senator of the state of New York but also a member of the judicial committee, Sen. Charles Schumber who intends to ask that Redmond, for the nascent WindowsXP, grants freedom of choice in terms of media player, instant messenger service and many others services that, on the other hand, have been integrated directly at the operating system level. Few believe that the senator's grievances can really delay or modify the characteristics of XP even if it is always good to wait before giving certainties. We carefully follow the Senator's steps and maybe encourage him if we believe that his intentions coincide with our ideas in this regard. His committee chairman, Sen. Patrick Leahy, has agreed to discuss and investigate it by recalling that he intends to ask Ballmer in September why Microsoft leaves no freedom of choice. Microsoft, after the committee's request, replied that it does not intend to cooperate and therefore will not delay the ril ascio of WinXP.

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