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Block Breaker Deluxe: break the "bricks" on the iPod

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IntroductionEveryone knows the now well-known "tile game", in which the player is busy bouncing a ball on a brick in order to clean the screen of the other bricks placed more or less in bulk.


The two most famous titles are certainly Atari's Seminar Breakout (already present on iPod games by default) and its more advanced version of Arkanoid, by Taito, which was followed by numerous repropositions.

The umpteenth offer from Gameloft for iPod owners and bears the name of Block Breaker Deluxe: a game that certainly will not disappoint fans of the bricks.

Audio & VideoBlock Breaker Deluxe comes in bright and very bright colors; the backgrounds are quite static, while the events that follow one another on the screen do not lose fluidity even in the most excited moments.We know that for this type of games the graphic aspect does not have a particular importance, but we can consider ourselves satisfied by what Gameloft has accomplished.

The audio performs its function as an accompanying background, with well-chosen sound effects and "trendy" tunes, useful for getting into the situation, but never particularly over the top. It is then possible to reset the audio department to replace it with the music loaded on the iPod.


Game & PlayThe gameplay of Block Breaker Deluxe is now a proven classic: you chase the ball trying to never let it "fall": all seasoned with a light texture, about 15 types of tiles to knock down and as many power ups, to make the game more addicting .

Special bonuses will be purchased in the appropriate shop by accumulating money during the screens. Each stage will have some particular objectives, which will yield money (the score expressed in dollars) and there will also be bosses at the end of the level; all aspects that, combined with over 50 levels, will keep the duration of the challenge high.If that was not enough, Gameloft offers a page to create custom levels, save them on iPod or share them with your friends.

The only flaw that we feel we can attribute, not so much to Block Breaker Deluxe but to iPod, the inconvenience in some cases of the click-wheel: in a game in which the precision of the movements important, often the click-wheel does not guarantee the best this need, especially when you want to use some power ups that require the use of the central button. You can try a "two inch" control, but things do not improve particularly. The multitouch screen would probably offer better control.

ConclusionBlock Breaker Deluxe by Gameloft is undoubtedly a game that will delight the fans of the series and not, offering a good dose of fun capable of prolonging over time. Too bad for the click-wheel, in some cases very ineffective.

iPodNet Rating: 4 out of 5

Pro– A classic: captivating, simple but not trivial – Level of challenge and variety of situations above average

Versus– Controls not excellent and imprecise.

Compatible with iPod 5G, iPod nano 3G and iPod classic, Block Breaker Deluxe available on the iTunes Store for 4.99 Euros at this link.