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Block advertising and pop-ups on iPhone, iPod and iPad: AdBlocker 2

Block advertising and pop-ups on iPhone, iPod and iPad: AdBlocker 2


Download tweakAdBlocker 2 to block advertising and pop-ups on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Block and remove advertising on iPhone, iPod, iPad and iOS forever with tweakAdBlocker 2

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AdBlocker 2: here is the definitive tweak to say goodbye forever to advertising on iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad.

For some time now I'm back a happy owner of iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display: I use it to surf the internet freely, to watch videos on YouTube, to listen to music and songs and to play games. It is a perfect device for the use I make of it, but I have encountered only one, big, huge problem: there is no way to block advertising and pop-ups on iOS.

Let me explain better: to surf the internet I use the Google Chrome browser (but I also encountered this problem with Safari) and every time I surf on some site to watch streaming movies and TV series (e.g. Eurostreaming), they open up to me dozens and dozens of advertising windows and pop-ups that literally prevent me from watching the streaming video.

I tried several times to watch some episodes of the Griffins in streaming, but there was no way: every time I opened the site, automatically pop-up advertising windows would open which made it impossible for me to start streaming video. And I also found the same problem on other sites, so I started looking for a solution for permanently block advertising on iPhone, iPod and iPad or otherwise on iOS in general.

Block, remove and remove advertisements on iPhone, iPod, iPad, iOS

After a short research and some tests, I found the definitive tweak: AdBlocker 2. This tweak allows you to block all advertising on iOS forever, remove advertising banners from websites and permanently block all pop-up windows that open automatically as we surf the internet with iOS. In short, the definitive tweak to get rid of advertising on the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

How to delete advertisements from websites on iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS

The tweak is unloaded by Cydia and unfortunately available only for users who have Jailbreak.

It is compatible with iOS 8.4 and it works great: thanks to AdBlocker 2 your internet browsing experience will improve considerably from every point of view, considering that you can open any website without advertising windows, without banners and without those annoying pop-ups. This way you can also increase internet browsing speed from iPhone, iPod and iPad.Many advantages thanks to a very simple but very powerful Cydia tweak.

How to block advertisements on iPhone and iPad | Conclusions

Download tweak CydiaAdBlocker 2

Unfortunately, AdBlocker 2 isn't free, but it costs around $ 3: a figure that I have gladly spent considering all the advantages that I have obtained. If you are interested in downloading AdBlocker 2, you can find it in the BigBoss repo.

I have been using this tweak on the iPad Mini for a few days now and I assure you that I can no longer do without it. It is the definitive solution to get rid of advertising on iOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad. Worth all the money spent!

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