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Blackberry Messenger introduces temporary messages

The new version of the instant messaging platform introduces communications that self-destruct or that you can withdraw from the conversation with a simple touch

"Control you". so that Blackberry summarizes the innovations made to the latest version of its famous Messenger platform, now available for all major mobile operating systems. There are many improvements and they also include sticker support and the possibility of sending oneself high definition photos, but the real gem will be the fact that you can keep the command on the messages even after sending them.

First of all, temporary communications were introduced: before sending each message, users have the possibility of decide how long the latter will remain available in the chat. But even after pressing the send button, the sender always has the power to withdraw from the chronologywhat has just been sent. From an immutable register of communications, the BlackBerry Messenger chat is therefore transformed into a tool more attentive to privacy by offering something that competitors are still unable to promise.

The sore point? At the moment the ones listed above are free features, but Blackberry has announced that it is working on a plan for pull out a few dollars from your Messengerin a few months: the basic service will remain free, but the purchase of the premium package – which will include time messages and control after sending – will require a paid subscription.


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