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BlackBerry Messenger: download record and abolished waiting list

From its official appearance on Google Play Store, BlackBerry Messenger, despite the various difficulties that emerged over time regarding its completion, among which there was the appearance of theapk preview and the delays caused by some bugs, is enjoying unexpected success.

To date the messaging application BBM has totaled the beauty of about 10 million downloads in just 5 days of availability and the data, according to the latest statistics, is destined to grow again, it is unclear whether there is due to the wait that arose around the application in the last few days of its official availability on the Google Play Store, or for the actual quality of the same.

One of the first advantages that these results have led to has been the abolition of the well-known waiting list for accessing and using the service offered by BlackBerry Messenger for a few hours. Once the application has been downloaded, it will no longer be necessary to wait. a confirmation email with your own User ID in order to use it, a novelty that the developers, after securing the systems, wanted to adopt to compensate for the huge load of users who are registering for the service and who, in this way, would have been difficult to dispose of with the various authorization requests.

If you have not tried it yet and want to understand the point of view of 10 million people who have downloaded it, then all you have to do is go to the BlackBerry Messenger page via the following link:

?BlackBerry Messenger

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