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BlackBerry is looking for iPhone programmers

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BlackBerry is looking for iPhone programmers logomacitynet1200wide 1

The "hell froze over", Jobs would say. The ice in hell, often cited by the CEO when he wants to describe an unexpected and exceptional fact and even contrary to logic, in the specific case of Rim's search for engineers capable of programming for iPhone.

That the Canadian multinational company that holds a prominent position on professional telephone devices and in fact the main competitor of the iPhone is looking for staff capable of creating programs for the Apple mobile phone is learned from AppleInsider according to which the recruitment procedures would have started in secret. This would not have prevented the site dedicated to indiscretions from learning that the requisites are the experience in Mac development, the Cocoa and Objective C languages, familiarity with the user interface. Among the other knowledge required of candidates, the experience of the Web with Javascript and XML, finally familiar with the synchronization services of the Mac and communication via USB and Bluetooth.

If the indiscretion proves to be true it would throw more than one question on the real intentions of the Canadian giant: continue on the current road by presenting the expected BlackBerry 3G with touch and multimedia functionality, to try to crush iPhone, or create all the hardware and software assumptions for make the popular and popular RIM push email technology available also for iPhone?

The hypothesis of a version of the Rim software for iPhone may not be entirely peregrine. The Waterloo company has already formed alliances with Microsoft and Palm to create versions of its server software to enable non-Blackberry hardware to access the services that made it famous. Who knows that in addition to an iPhone 2.0 with Microsoft Exchange support it is not possible to also see an iPhone with support for BlackBerry Enterprise Server. After all, as Balsille and Lazaridis, the two leaders and founders of Rim, have repeatedly explained, the remote objective will become less and less that of imposing one's own hardware and increasingly that of selling value-added services and software, creating a global strategy with diversified alliances. It goes without saying that even serving iPhone customers (and the companies that decide to adopt it) by selling their software and services cannot help and produce turnover when selling smart phones.

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