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Bjork with Mac at the Royal Opera House

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Bjork with Mac at the Royal Opera House – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Until the end of May, the concert that the Icelandic singer Bjork held in the London temple of music, the Royal Opera House, is scheduled on the "Palco" channel of Tele +. The artist, who in the concert mixes tradition and avant-garde, accompanied by the Novecento Orchestra and a chorus of female voices in the traditional Inuit costumes, and manages to combine the instruments of the orchestral with other absolutely unconventional sounds, like no other knows do.

But all of this, how does it affect the Mac world? Simple: the electronic part of the songs was managed by Matmos, an avant-garde duo who also participated in the making of Bjork's latest album, "Vespertine".

Matmos have always been Mac lovers, as well as most electronic musicians in general, and therefore in the part reserved for them on the stage an Apple Studio LCD display connected to a PowerBook G4 Titanium and an unstoppable PowerBook showed off Pismo: Bjork herself used a Pro Tools system on Mac to record her latest albums. He also owns a Powerbook and previously traveled with a Digi 001 system to record while traveling around the world. In a recent interview he said he used the Sibelius program on Mac to make the orchestral scores for his latest album "Vespertine" , and to have fallen in love with the MOTU 828 card, which connects to your laptop via FireWire and allows you to have excellent recording quality even when you are away from your studio. Anyone who has not yet been able to enjoy the vision, hurry up; the concert aired until 30 May.

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