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BitTorrent launches its encrypted chat app

The application runs on a peer-to-peer connection and does not require email or phone numbers for authentication

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This is a nice competition for those who make apps that protect data privacy: the author BitTorrent, and the app is called Bleep.

The purpose of the mobile messaging application to keep user information under lock and key. There was already a first trial version only to some since last fall, but the new update, available for iOS, Mac, Android and Windows, has brought substantial changes.

A nickname is enough to register: no phone number, no authentication with various social media, no email. Potentially, the user can remain anonymous.

What makes the app competitive peer-to-peer connection: data are not stored in the Cloud, where they could be violated remotely, but are stored in the device until they are delivered, with encrypted connection, to the recipient.

The function Whisper instead, it would be designed to avoid being able to associate an image sent to the sender's name: the two things are never visible simultaneously, and the content is destroyed in 25 seconds. But on this, from Snapchat to Confide, the competition is way ahead.


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