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BitHeadz Phrazer updates for Mac OS X

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BitHeadz Phrazer is updated for Mac OS X –

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BitHeadz has released an update for Phrazer, the loop-based sequencing application. Version 2.0 adds several new features? which improve the use by the user. These include support for Mac OS X 10.1 and above, the import of MP3, the possibility? to save the entire project in a single folder containing all the sequences and samples, the capacity? to listen to the samples with current tempo and intonation, a new customizable user interface, and finally the contents of the package? has been doubled and now reaches 900MB. The search for files and integration with the most popular audio applications such as Digital Performer, Logic, Cubase and Pro Tools has also been improved.

With availability? of Phrazer 2.0, BitHeadz has also decided to introduce a new line of applications in a "lite" version. Phrazer LE? in fact the lite version of Phrazer, suitable for beginners and for anyone who does not need all the potential? of the full version.Phrazer LE includes 500MB of audio material, has a limit of 8 tracks and has no plug-in in the sequencer.

Version 2.0 sells for $ 299 USD, while LE version costs $ 99 USD. The demo versions of both products will be available shortly on the BitHeadz website (edited by Daniele Volpin)

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