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Biprocessor 533 towards disposal?

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Biprocessor 533 towards disposal? logomacitynet1200wide 1

533 biprocessor classified as "out of production". The indiscretion comes from Go2Mac according to which the only Dual machine would have been placed in EOL, End Of Life, since last Friday.If the news was true it would be expected that Apple will soon launch a new CPU with a bi-processor, it probably could this is a 733 MHz whose debut would be contextual to the renewal of the range of machines of the Pro series expected for the MacWorld Expo in New York.In this context the entire line should undergo a radical revision thanks to a speed bump of the Motorola chips that will project G4s close to or above GHz. The Hertz billion mark is becoming increasingly important in view of the launch, of which we speak separately, of Pentium 1.8 GHz which are likely to cloud the PPC processors on the market. The biprocessor version of the 733 it should be accompanied with a revision of the specifications even if not with a renewal of the motherboards, upgraded last January in San Francisco. The use of GeForce 3 on high-end machines and the complete elimination of the Rage 128 that continues to make their appearance on entry level machines are likely.

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